Grainne murphy

3rd year printmaking student

Henrik Aa. Uldalen - Figures Suspended in Limbo

Occasionally we come across an artist who’s paintings are unexpectedly beautiful and haunting, Henrik Uldalen is one of those artists. His work has a common theme of dreaming figures often depicted…

research Chloe Early x Amy Sol

research video Herakut’s Collaboration with Lucent Dossier

video on performance ; Chloe Early’s “Suspended” at The Outsiders Fascinated by acrobats and aerial performers

video piece of fuerza bruta through a kaleidoscope

video piece slow motion

fuerza knickers hybrid screen/monos

some photos i took  at fuerza bruta

invert photos -paint- invert again experiment

abstraction of performer from the circus scape

abstraction of performer from the circus scape